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Welcome to Ember Luxury Wood Putter. Located in Dublin, Ohio, we pride ourselves on producing very high quality, high end golf putters and related products. We take design, production, and quality of our products very seriously. Our goal is to produce the best wooden putter available anywhere and to customize it to suit your personal requirements. To that end we use the finest and most beautiful woods from all over the world. Our designs are aesthetically pleasing and our craftsmanship is superb. We customize with your name engraved on your putter and will meet your specifications in weight, length, lie angle and grip. We also love doing more extreme customizing with techniques such as inlaid mother of pearl, gemstones or marquetry, unique shaping, using wood collected from your own golf course and more involved engraving such as company logos. Your imagination is our only limit. We'll go to the extreme to satisfy you, our customer.

An EMBER putter is actually a beautiful piece of functional artwork. The finish of epoxies and automotive acrylics is hand rubbed in a four step final process leaving a rich, piano quality result that actually feels as good as it looks. It is very durable with a hardness rating in the thousands. Use it without fear on the golf course or keep it in one of our display stands in your office. Wherever you choose to use your EMBER, it will make the game more fun and get you lots of WOWS from your playing partners.

If you're a club pro or event organizer, we're available for charity events, pro shop displays, demo days or any other way we can help highlight your club or event. Gift certificates are available.