All Putters

Take a look at the wealth of custom options and designs Ember Wood Putters has done over the years. Each one handcrafted and unique.

Longline Style Putters

The Longline model features a 2 ball wide face, tapering to a 1 ball wide back for a unique shape with a very long thin aiming line to help you line up your putts.

Disc Style Putters

The Disc or Mallet style putter offers a large rounded back for better line sighting, as well as more real estate for beautiful custom inlays and engravings.

Airfoil Style Putters

The Airfoil style putter is a distinct shape that falls between the blade and the full Disc or Mallet style putter. There is less rounding of the back than the Disc, but it retains the flowing and rounded nature, unlike the Batwing, so it resembles the cross-section of an Airplane wing.

Batwing Style Putters

The Batwing style putter is similar to the standard Blade style, however, it is deeper and has a unique convex back cut out, which can help with line sighting, and causes it to resemble, a Bat’s wing.

Blade Style Putters

The Blade style putter is the classic style, but with a unique shape and design that’s pleasing to all.